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Under attack?

If you are experiencing a Network breach or lost of valuable data, our Cyber Security Experts can help you secure your Business Network against Cyber Criminals and Advanced Persistent Threats and regain control of your systems.

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Assessment - Planning - Execution

In form of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Cyber Criminals use Multi-Vectorial attacks on Business Networks, often times using sophisticated Malware for Long Term Industrial Espionage, or for a Delta Attack aimed to steal valuable information in a couple of hours.

Nonetheless this is highly dependent on the type of Industry, Business and even information that Cyber Criminals are trying to compromise or steal, as each of those will determine the attack vectors and systems to be intruded.

Therefore is imperative to create an intelligent Plan of Action aimed to mitigate the attack. And for which we have defined 3 Core Steps: Assessment, Planning and Execution.


This stage initiates with a First Study of the Network's current condition: our experts will assess, analyze and determine the Intrusion Level present in the Network and overall systems in the company.

This will also help us identify what type of threat we are dealing with and what kind of measures must be implemented.

Thus allowing us to move into the Second Stage.


Based upon the collected data from the First Study a Plan of Action is created.

In this stage we determine a wide range of aspects, such changes to the current Network topology, modifications, updates or inclusion of appliances, as well as deployment of Security Oriented Modified Hardware (SOMH Endpoints) and even migration to safer Operating Systems.

At this point is also possible to determine what sensible data can be recovered, or later reintroduced to the Network.


Once the previously outlined Plan has been approved and based upon the found threats, all or just some of the different steps described below should be put into action (further measures could be required depending on the severity of the intrusion).

Our Cyber Security Experts will help you through the process of implementing each of the next steps:

DOS and DDOS Mitigation.

Denial of Service (Dos) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks, are one of the many tools used by Cyber-Criminals not just for saturating your communications, but a dangerous mean for blinding your main Network defenses and introduce malicious software through them, or in the worst case take control.

We have successfully dealt with some of the worst DDos situations, involving external and internal sources of several types.

Our Network Security Experts will recommend you the best course of action to deal with this particular type of attack.

Counterespionage Measures.

Modern attacks to Businesses of any size aren't just about Intrusion to Networks and Systems, but gathering of information by any means necessary. Using whatever device they find at their disposal, Cyber-Criminals look for seeing and hearing any sort of valuable information that can help them to further intrude or keep control over a given Network.

We provide protocols and recommend solutions* to mitigate this new level of intrusion.

*There may be restrictions according to your country or region.

Network Analysis and Data Forensics.

We perform an analysis of your Network to locate the source of the threat and data ex-filtration

Once identified, we block the Cyber-Criminal's Malware from communicating with the outside World, thus stopping the data leakage.

Endpoint Analysis and Forensics.

We analyze your systems in search of the Malware, the way it operates and at what level is communicating with a given system.

Data and System Recovery Analysis.

We analyze if the data contained within a given system(s) o even the system itself can be safely rescued, or if its presence represents a security risk to your Network.

If safe, we recommend the best course of action for the data to be reintroduced to your network.

Network Security Assessment.

We carefully evaluate each node of your Network, determining the weak points of it, or those sometimes directly guilty for the breach of the perimeter due inherent vulnerabilities or poor configuration.

During this stage it might necessary to add or replace existing Network infrastructure, such as appliance firewalls or other similar equipment.

Systems, Websites and Endpoints Security Assessment.

Applications, Operating Systems, Corporate websites and widely used hardware solutions are often time responsible for security breaches.

We analyze each of these aspects, giving you the best solution to deal with potential security loopholes.

Security Oriented Modified Hardware (SOMH Endpoint) Deployment.

A big majority of today security breaches occur due inherent hardware vulnerabilities and in-built backdoors, many of which are difficult to mitigate by using solutions which operate many layers above such as Anti-Malwares, Firewalls and even modern IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems).

Currently we are the only Cyber Security company which provides a solution to this particular situation.

Our Cyber Security Experts may deploy upon request Security Oriented Modified Hardware (Endpoint)* that do not possess such inherent vulnerabilities, giving your Network and extra layer of security that no other company provides.

*Please read our section for Special Hardware required conditions and restrictions.

Training and Protocol.

Your Network shouldn't only be safe, but be operated in a safe manner. Training and Security Protocols are crucial for keeping a safe environment.

We train your personal for operating under specific security protocols, as well as identifying and properly reacting to potential Cyber Security threats.


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