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Our Services

Complete incident response from investigation to crisis management.

Network Threat & Intrusion Detection

We are specialized in Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), so we can evaluate and investigate the source of all the intrusions to your network and give you a detailed report & summary of the attacker activity and recommendations.

Also, we identify current and past attacker activity in your company's environment.

And malicious hidden networks used by the attacker to make an intrusion in your network.

Crisis Management

We stop all kind of threats from exposure of personally identifiable information to compromise of enterprise assets and destructive attacks, attacks solely intended to cause the victims organization hardship by making information or system unrecoverable.

We help your corporation to stay online no matter how big and persistent the intrusion or threat is. We close the security wholes, back-doors and fight the intrusions other companies cannot find, inside and out side your network. Because many security intrusions don't came from the internet.

Personel Training

We arm your team with the knowledge to keep your network safe after the incident is over and we prepare them for keep responding new threats.

Endpoint & Hardware Protection

Achive a higher level of security with our endpoint and &hardware protection service. Is your hardware protected? if your company's firewall and IPs are incapable of stop a threat is your hardware capable of  protect itself?

We use the best of our expertise and technology to make your hardware capable of protect itself from the most modern threats and resist Intrusions.

Website and E-Commerce Security

We help you to get a more secure e-commerce and business website, we test your website and found its vulnerabilities , we can also totally manage your website to make it more secure for you and your customers or just guide you on how close all the security gaps it had.