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Network Security Autiding & Forensics

With a focus on Security, Control, Management and Performance we systematically analyze your Business Network, helping you comply with emerging Network Security Standards.

Network Security Auditing is a must for any organization and a powerful tool for risk prevention. Networks are dynamic entities; they need to constantly evolve, adapting to new more demanding environments in terms of performance and connectivity, but also without sacrificing security and reliability.

Analyze - Implement - Optimize

Network Security Auditing is a process through which we map your Network in terms of control, security and performance, providing a scope on how internal and external threats look at your Network and if is a potential target for hackers and other cyberthreats.


No two Networks are alike, thus a thorough analysis of your current Network infrastructure will allows to familiarize with your needs and get a clear idea on the way your team works.

During this first step of the process we will analyze every aspect of your Network, from your Router's and Server's configuration (according to current security standards) to Firewalls and participant Endpoints.


In some cases the need of a Security Auditing could come as a result of a former incident or least the suspicion of one.

In such situations we may perform a second more complex analysis for determining the causes of such incident, giving you a clear understanding of the risks and potential threats that your Organization could face.


Depending on our previous assessment we may recommend the implementation of both additional Network equipment and policies or even trained personal  for hardening your current Network Security.

Among these implementations we may include from simple hardening of Firewall policies and configuration, to complete replacement of current security appliances, including Modem Routers, Servers or even Endpoints and Systems. Always looking however for a soft transition to said implementation.


Performance and Productivity are of major importance for your organization.

We will look for providing a solution that will bring security forward, but without significantly impacting your team's productivity.


For achieving this we will work in synergy with your current team to develop a comprehensive plan for the management of your Network.

Troubleshooting, reaction, identification and reporting of potential threats, all these aspects are observed during this stage.