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Cyber Security Consultancy Services

With a main focus on protection against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and modern Cyber Attack tactics, we help you create a defensive perimeter for your Business Network Infrastructure.


Analyze - Prevent - Educate

Everyday thousands of companies around the world experience Network Breaches, face increasingly advanced Cyber Threats and the relentless attack of Cyber Criminals, sensible data get ex-filtrated, intellectual property gets stolen and revenue is lost. 

More than ever Network Security models most evolve, as Cyber Threats become increasingly sophisticated taking direct advantage and exploiting typical now outdated Network schemes. 

Nonetheless is a fact that the big majority of companies out there operate which such models, giving Cyber Criminals an easy very well known road map to their infrastructure and critical data access. 


Our Cyber Security experts will analyze your existent Network Infrastructure identifying known vulnerabilities based on the current Multi-Vectorial Attacks used by Cyber Criminals, giving you the best strategy to work in a safe environment.

At the same time we encourage the company to work with newer Network Models that incorporate better security against both internal and external threats.



An invaluable step for diminishing the risks of any Cyber Attack is prevention. Firewalls, IPS and other Network Security devices are critical for keeping unwanted traffic out of vital data.

Firewall / IPS

It should be emphasized that typical Firewall configuration, including NGFW units and given the current state of the battlefield, is outdated. For more information on this read this article Are you really safe behind a Firewall?

Based upon our experience fighting APT and Cyber Criminal activity, our Cyber Security experts may implement a proven defensive configuration for such devices *1 

Modem / Router

An often overlooked node of the Network. We help up bring up the security of this critical entry point, so it becomes the first point of defense.

Endpoint Security

Encompassing these first security measures we take a look at the different Endpoints in your Network.

Endpoint security is critical not just for keeping your data safe, but to prevent breaches from within the Network. While devices such as Firewalls are geared toward security, Endpoints are relatively fragile and the main target of sophisticated Remote Access Tools (RAT) used by Cyber Criminals to compromise or take control of a system, based upon inherent / builtin hardware vulnerabilities.

We offer a proof of concept solution for this particular threat known as SOMH Endpoint *2. For more information read here.

However we can also help you implement a more standard global solution for Endpoint security.

Email Security

With the advice of our experts we help your company protect against Spam, Phishing, Malware, Ransomware and other inbound threats.

According to Forbes in 2016 a staggering number 638 million Ransomware attacks were reported and for which an estimate of $209 millions in ransom were paid.

We can offer  both consultancy for implementing  a standard yet solid security solution for this an other type of Malware, or the deployment of our proof of concept SOMH Endpoints which aren't vulnerable to such type of attacks *2.

Web Security

We help your users to be safe against Hackers, Malware and other Cyber Threats while they  navigate through the Internet. Giving you both the tools and best practices to be protected while being online.

Application and Web content filtering can be used to control non-critical outgoing traffic from your Network. 


You Network shouldn't only be safe but be managed  in a safe way. We train users and IT personal alike for identifying, reporting and reacting to potential Cyber Threats and incidents. Thus diminishing the risk of an actual Network breach.

We help you implement best practices based on known and emerging threats from Cyber Criminal activity.


1* Your company may or may not be eligible for this type of implementation*
2* Please request information from one of our specialist to see if this type of hardware can be deployed in your company.