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How we protect your company?

Risk Assessment & Threat Assessment

We prepare to attack the Intrusion by studying our customers network, organization schema and their location and other important factors that are the key to stop a persistence advance intrusion.

Prepare a Strategy for stoping Threats & Intrusions

We carefully create a response plan taking in mind the needs of the company and the threats & Intrusion level. From simple intrusions to advance persistent threads. We craft an advance response strategy.

Investigation & Forensics

We investigate incidents like: Intellectual Property Theft, Personally identifiable information, inside threads, environmental threads, IoT threats, inappropriate or unlawful activity performed by employees and Industrial Espionage.

Detect & Prevent

Stop threads other companies miss by using not only the most advance and sophisticate equipment but experienced experts who know all the attack vectors of today's advance persistence threads and make a formal denounce that will help to the capture and processing of the criminals.

Analyze & Response

Root out attackers other companies cannot eradicate.

We know responding to a advance persistent threat can be time & resource consuming and we use the best of our knowledge, strategies and training to give a solution beyond a piece of hardware. You need more than just hardware to protect your company from hackers who already know every hardware security system weakness.

Keep a Intrusion & Threat Dairy

Help our costumers to write down a well documented Intrusion diary with the propose of present it to authorities and make a formal case.


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