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E-Business Protection

Businesses who based their primary revenue from e-commerce transactions have become one of the primary targets of hackers and cyber-criminal groups. Being also one of the most susceptible to cyber attacks, as any disruption in either their main website or capability to operate from their internal network may result in a sudden and sometimes prolonged drop of sales.


Cyber Criminal groups looking for seizing control over the website transactions, or some times stopping them altogether, attack not only the e-commerce site itself, but the business internal network and systems.

From DDOS attacks for preventing or disrupting connectivity, to stealing of admin credentials and taking control over entire systems, cyber criminals look for a way to stop e-commerce owners from controlling and even accessing their websites.

What is E-Business Security?

Due this new multi-vectorial type of attacks to e-commerce businesses, just focusing on the website protection itself isn't enough; the use of web application firewalls (WAF) and other cloud based protection is in fact unrelated to the Internal Network and Systems defense.

We provide an integrated solution for protecting every aspect of your e-commerce infrastructure, from the website itself, so costumer's flow can go unhindered, to your Systems and Network so you operate in a safe environment. 

We look not only for smart solutions for your Network and Connectivity needs, but also for the trust and safety of the systems you use for accessing your e-commerce platform.

With this goal in mind we provide:

1. Network Security.

Vulnerabilities assessment.

Network forensics analysis.

Protection of the Network Perimeter & Network Infrastructure.

2. Endpoint Security & Systems Security.

Vulnerabilities assessment.

Systems forensics analysis.

Systems security evaluation.

Systems protection, or migration to a safer platform if needed.

 3. Website security.

Vulnerabilities assessment.

Website forensics analysis.

Website protection, or migration to a safer platform if needed.


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