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The Last Attack of "El Mañoso" Malware

In the fisrt month of 2017 "el Mañoso" have attack 300 companies arround the globe. In a justa pair of weeks, the victims have lost important data, including valuable intelectual properties and pattents. 

"El Mañoso" malware is one of a kind malware capable of infect any kind of computer, smartphone or tablet, no matter what OS it uses. Also it has the ability of hiding from every known anti-malware and antivirus and even IPS software. Becoming almost impossible to detect.

After infectinga computer, tablet or smartphone, this malware copy every access key and password the user type; giving the hackers all the credentials they need to stole information, enter the company networks and even stole e-commerce sites and access cloud stored information.

El "Mañoso" was first discover by our team in a company in Mexico city but traces of this powerful malware had seen before in many companies around the world including Berlin, New York and London. The number of infected networks since its appearance in the second quarter of 2016 is near 300,000. however since the detection of this malware is extremely difficult the number could be even greater.

Companies infected by this malware normally are not aware of its presence until is too late and they have lost almost all their valuable information and is too late. Since this malware affect several kinds of electronic devices not only computers is really hard to set a safe perimeter around a company and even more

Our company not only is capable of detect this malware but remove it and keep it from infected a company network again.