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Today's Cyber War: Goverments Hacking Companies

Today's Cyber War: Governments Hacking Companies

Is not a secret that governments have hacking group under their command and their use them to stole other governments secrets, hack military weapons but some like Chinese Government search for industrial secrets, intellectual properties and even costumers lists.

This last year China celebrated the addition of a new hacking unit specialized in stole secret, and intellectual properties of small, medium and big companies around the world.

This unit uses very sophisticated malware design to attack governments and financial institution in companies of any size who obviously lacks of a military level defense.

But they are not the only one, Sirian government have their own hacking units, those units main goal is steal credit cards from web sites to finance their operations.

And let's not forget the Russian hacker groups, the most famous of them all at the moment and accused by the FBI of attempting hacking the USA presidential elections.

Also, there are many many hackers groups that have been created by former members of this criminal groups sponsored by governments.

If your suspect your company had been victim of this government sponsored hackers don't worry we are here to help you. Call Us Now.